Thursday, February 17, 2011


What a morning it's been. I got the kids to school a bit early (Yep - Kelton went back to school today! He was so excited that he was up at 5am. It felt a little like Christmas morning around here with his excitement about going back to school. He missed a lot this last week so he will be staying after a couple days next week to catch up.) so that I could run around getting PTO stuff done and then it was back home to get to work on taxes, etc.

It took me a little more than three hours to get taxes completed and filed, bills paid and laundry folded and put away. PHEW. I'm so glad to have the taxes done - it's always such a relief to close the files and put everything away.

I have one and a half more hours before I need to get back to the school to get ready for tonight's meeting and pick up the kids.

I'm not sure if Dakota is coming over tonight or not. She is still not feeling well and even took a trip to the doctor today. I'm hoping she is up for it because taking the kids to the PTO meeting is always interesting though I will do what needs to be done. ThHat's my job. :)

I'm really looking forward to Friday night. It's been a long couple weeks.

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