Friday, February 04, 2011

Kaylen Rocks!

So....ask me how Kaylen is doing at school these days. Go ahead. Ask me.

The answer is GREAT! I am so proud of her I am bursting at the seams today. Lately she has been taking the bus to and from school and I meet her at recess for about 10 minutes.

This morning Kelton woke up not feeling well and I immediately raced to "Uh oh. This is going to be interesting."

I chose to wait until after Kaylen and I had showered to break the news. At first her eyes welled up and I was quick to say "I will take you and pick you up and still come for recess." She pulled herself together, took a deep breath and said "Ok."

I held my breath. Ok? Really? Hmmmmmm. She has never been at school without Kelton. She tried once and lost it early on and I had to go pick her up.

I casually said "You better get dressed for school."

She skittered off to get dressed (and yes, she is wearing red for Women's Heart Health). She had her breakfast, packed her backpack and then said "Mom? I think I want you to drop me off in the drop off line, come to recess like always and then I will bring the bus home."

I was jumping up and down inside but I just said "Oh. Ok. That sounds good." and went about my business.

Oh. My. Gosh!!!

She has come so far from September. So, so, so far!!!! I am so proud of her. On top of that, she seems to be more like the little girl I have always known. She casually mentioned the other day that she doesn't have her brain bug anymore. She pulled her hair really hard and it popped out. :)

This is not to say she doesn't have her fair share (well...more than her fair share) of issues but she is working through all the things that popped up in September. This is huge!

Even her teacher today in emails back and forth agrees that she had made giant leaps just since December. Maybe it's because she is getting very near to turning six. I don't know. I don't care. I'm just so happy to see her having faith in herself again.

Go Kaylen! You rock!!!


Mimi said...

Kaylen does rock......but I am afraid when school is out for the summer if you are going to have to go through all of this again????? I hope not

Anonymous said...

The emotional growth doesn't follow any time table, it just happens as it happens. It sounds like she is taking steps forward into a new level of maturity. Yeah for her!

Audra said...

This is so awesome to hear! YAY Kaylen!