Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Kaylen's 6th Birthday Party with Dakota's Family

Saturday Dakota's family all gathered to celebrate Kaylen's upcoming 6th birthday. She had a great time and felt like a princess!

She got to choose the special balloon for her party and since she is so close to Valentines Day, it's hard to find birthday balloons. Fear not though - she made do. :)

Sibling love! :)
Kaylen and me.

Kaylen and Dakota.
And because it's what our family does, there are always "silly face" photos.

The party is set up and waiting for guests.
The cake she choose....which doesn't go at all with the theme she picked but...well....my kids are unique, that's for sure. :)
Her theme was kitty cat.
Kelton, Bailey and Alise with Uncle Richard.
The cousins....well...expect for 3 year old Jeremy, who wanted no part of photos. :)

Some of the guests.

Cake time!

After the party.
And within an hour, our girl was down for the count. Poor thing spent the rest of the weekend sicker than sick. Is it wrong that I was sorta happy that it was Dakota's weekend so all the barfing happened at her house? :) Sorry, Dakota.
Happy 6th Birthday Party, Princess Kaylen!

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Tanya said...

She's so sweet. Glad she had a good time despite begin sick. And I love the theme and cake :)