Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Like most people, I have a stats counter on my blog and every now and then, I visit it to see where you all come from. I am blown away. You are visiting from all over the world! Sometimes I think it would be fun to post the info it lists and have that person step forward and introduce themselves to me.

I think one of the ones I am the most intrigued by is my almost daily visitor from Penguin Putnam from New York.

I have figured out a lot of you.....Renton (Boeing), Omaha, Winnipeg, etc. but what about Belgium? I'm just so intrigued by the hundreds of you who come by each day.

I'm not asking you to "out yourself" but if you want to, I'd love to know. :)


Zach said...

I read through Google Reader usually, so I don't show up, but I'm a queer student at Yale Law School. I originally found Dakota's blog through the moms in the legal field blog group, and my partner and I are trying to have kids. I really like your blog.

Tanya said...

Oh you know me, no excitement here, even though we've never met irl.

Tribe Mama said...

hmmm...I have an idea of who that might be, and if it isn't her, it may be a friend of her's in NY who links through :)

Lisa said...

My name is lisa I come from the land downunder Australia.
I have been reading your blog for a couple of years now and.
I will be visiting the U.S. in about 13 days I'm behond excited.
Cheers Lisa

Casey said...

Hi everyone! It is nice to meet you, Lisa, and re-meet you, Zach. Tanya and Rebecca.....I love that you stopped by. :) Rebecca, would you be referring to Ms. Emily?

Anonymous said...

Ive been reading on and off for a couple years now (when i have internet at home) Im the one from Michigan :)


Anonymous said...

I pop in from TX, probably the towns you have never heard of lol. Been reading for many many years.


Anonymous said...

*peeks out briefly*
Ohio here...have read periodically/sporadically for years. Relocated here a bit ago after a divorce...found myself coming here more often. We seem to be processing somewhat around the same pace

I honestly admire/envy how nicely you and Dakota handled things. :)

*ducks back into shadows*

Anonymous said...

Winston-Salem, NC reporting in! Have been stopping by ... I don't know ... a year or so? And I can't remember how I found you, but I'm glad I did. Thanks for sharing your feelings and life with us all. I always find something that helps me.
Trudy's Mom

Anonymous said...

So, can you name who Omaha is? I'm just curious as you said you believe you know which one of us is from Omaha!

Tribe Mama said...

Nope Casey, Emily is local to me.....this is a friend of mine in NYC who is a publicist for a publishing company. Might be her or one of her friends :)