Sunday, February 13, 2011

Interesting Comment - It Gave Me a Good Laugh

I just received the following comment to my posting about dating and whatnot. First off, I don't know a Cindy in real life but apparently she thinks she knows me quite well. From what I can tell based on stats, she is from Castle Rock, Colorado. Since I've never been there nor know anyone there........well, it's hard to take this seriously.

Anyway...."Cindy" had to say the following:
"Be careful of your limits. Your life is FULL of drama and you don't want anyone just writing you off. I hate to say that but it is going to be hard to find anyone who will deal with the issues you have and how you are with the kids. Sorry... but it is true. "

Yes, my life is full of drama which I am working hard to eliminate the best I can. And that means sometimes relationships must end. It is for the best.

"It will be hard to find someone who will deal with" my "issues"? *I* am the only one who can "deal with" my issues. I would hope I could find someone who would be supportive of me in that area - the same as I would be for them as they dealt with their "issues" because let's be honest; we all have them.

How I am with the kids? Interesting. Yes, loving and supportive is a terrible thing to be. Being a good mother? Wow - what was I thinking? You're right - I should just find someone and ship them off to be cared for by others. Yes - I am protective and I see that as a good thing. Too many people aren't protective of their children and can see those kids in shows on TLC and History not to mention a few others that show prison shows and "kids gone wrong" shows. I know I am a good mother. So don't even bother trying to undermine me there.

I am amused that you think it will be hard to find someone to love me and want to be with me. That hasn't been an issue AT ALL. In the past year I have had that point proven well by more than one person. You really think I'm that hard up for people who want to spend time with me? Yeah - not so much. So really? Since I don't know you and you clearly don't know me in real life, it doesn't matter to me how "sorry" you are because you have no idea if it's true or not. None. But I think it's humorous that you think you know. I didn't realize you lived in my house, walked in my shoes or had any idea what really takes place in my life.

"It is true." Thanks for the laugh, it felt good to laugh at...I mean WITH you. No wait - I meant at you. Because you have no clue. But thanks for visiting just the same.


Audra said...

I just saw a quote on someone's facebook today:

People only try to bring you down because you're above them

You know you're a great mom, sounds like this person needs to mind their own busines.

Lielanie said...

I totally agree with Audra, that is a great quote. And that lady is a great example of someone who needs to be "one of those changes". At least it was good for a laugh :)

Tribe Mama said...

Wow, "Cindy" was quite bold and definite in her statements. I don't "know" you in person, but we certainly have gotten familiar over the years through the lovely internet and I think you are very lovable, sweet, caring and a terrific mom to your kids. Everyone has their "issues," everyone, and anyone who thinks they don't probably has more than the rest of us! You have done so well this last year dealing with the separation of you and Dakota, Kaylen's hard start to school, etc. and I think the new year will be even better.

Froggymama said...

Wow, very presumptious of her. You are an incredible mom... don't waste another second on that ridiculous comment.

Anonymous said...

I am also from Colorado and don't know you, but wanted to let you know that I think we could be friends. I think we share a parenting philosophy, or at least it seems so. I can't imagine how difficult the past two years has been, but you seem to have handled it with remarkable grace.

Before I had my son I watched the movie, Instinct. There was a line at the end of the movie where Hopkins was talking to his daughter. He told her how the gorillas have their babies and then carry them everywhere. He said if he had to do it over, he would carry her every where. That is our parenting philosophy. I enjoy that you want to spend as much time with your kids as you can.

Casey said...

Thank you, everyone.

Anonymous: I like that. Another thought, like it, that I keep in mind is "They are little only for a short time. They will be grown and gone before I know it. I want to give them a solid foundation to love to support them their entire life."

Audra: Love that! :)

The rest of you - I love you all! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Casey -

I think one of the things a lot of people I know don't ever figure out is - I have the remarkable gift of knowing someone from the moment they were conceived until the end of my life. I am in the position of being the most important person in my son's life (his other mom is important too, but not in the same way as his birth mother). I treat that responsibility as the great honor it is and thank the heavens he choose me as his mother. There aren't a lot of people who think that way, or who want to spend the same type or quantity of time with their children that I do. We pretty much don't have a social life because of it, but that's okay, because at the end of my life I will know that I raised an exceptional individual. You just keep doing what you are doing and good luck with the job hunt


Nikki said...

I guess when you have so many unknown readers out there, you're bound to hit a nerve with one or two crazies. I don't think you need to justify normal behaviors to anyone, especially, like you say, someone who has never even met you. I'm glad you were willing to lose one nutty Coloradoian(?) reader by setting her straight. And good for you for making her comment public, to shed some light and make light-hearted, a pretty dense (in both senses of the word) train of thought.