Friday, February 11, 2011

One More Thing....

...and then I will let you get back to your life (as you can see, I've been very chatty today. Scroll down if you don't believe me.). Steroids....or specifically Prednisone, are/is EVIL. Kaylen was given the drug to take for four days to keep the internal inflammation down and WOW. One of the side effects is mood swings.


I can only equate her behavior to that of a 13 year old girl, strung out on hormones.


Between last night and right now I have found myself looking forward to filling out
bridal shower invitations because it will mean she will be someone elses problem blessing.

I am telling you...this is NOT my child. When I mentioned it was a good thing she could use the excuse of medication for her surly attitude, she glared and me and screamed "It's NOT the medicine! This is me being SIX!"

I will give her until the middle of next week to calm down and if she doesn't? can expect to find her on the front porch with a "Free" sign around her. :)

I'm kidding........sorta.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes prednizone makes the most easy going child evil. I feel for you seriously. I have been on it myself and it's like you have an adrenaline rush all the time and then wham you crash.

It usually takes the number of days you took the medicine to work out of your system.


Tribe Mama said...

It is evil, our doctor calls it the devil juice :) Grayson and Haven have been on it a few time and they go crazy! When Gray was 2 he was really sick and on oral prednisone, an inhaled steroid and then they shot him with some other steroid...we ended up at the hospital that night b/c he still couldn't breath and he was screaming at me that he hated me and not to look at him. We were in a room in the was interesting to say the least. ...hang in there :)

Tanya said...

It's scary stuff isn't it. Hope she can get off it soon.