Friday, February 11, 2011

So Tired from the Week

It's been a long week. I think it's safe to say the three of us are exhausted. Monday Kaylen and I were sick (and Kelton played sick), Tuesday was back to our routines where I moved at the speed of light all day trying to get everything done (which must have been an internal drive knowing that time was not on my side this week). I paid bills, balanced the checkbook, picked up some groceries, took my car through emissions, got the new license plates and tabs for it...and I'm pretty sure there was other stuff in there that I have blocked from memory. All I know is I was on the move from morning until after Dakota arrived for her evening with the kids.

Wednesday brought an urgent appointment at the doctor for Kaylen to address a nasty infection on her finger and then.....well.....we all know how that day ended up.

Yesterday was Kaylen's birthday and I was still on adrenaline overload, and sleep deprivation, from the day before. I ran through the day frazzled and, seemingly, without direction. I did accomplish many things but the day is a blur.

Today I cleaned the house that had gotten completely out of control through the course of the crazy week, did some school-related stuff, applied for a couple jobs that I found, changed bedding, refilled dog food, and various other things. This evening Cande and her girls are coming over for dinner (Her treat. God love her!) and some play time (and grown up time!). Later, I will happily hit the mattress for some (hopefully) good sleep.

Tomorrow Cande, her girls, my two and I are going to see Gnomeo and Juliet. I'm looking forward to it - it looks so cute!

Here's hoping for a great weekend!

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