Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Busy Bee

It's been a busy day over here at the OK-Corral. Both kids were home sick yesterday (Kaylen was very sick from Saturday night until mid-afternoon yesterday but Kelton just wanted to be home so managed to get himself sent home yesterday)and I wasn't feeling all that hot myself.) so nothing was accomplished. Today, I have made up for it in a big way though I still have the checkbook to balance and bills to pay.

I got the kids to school and then I worked on PTO things for about 90 minutes (and in that time I created the Book Fair display case and got the letters to go home to parents out to teachers.

From there, I ran over to the grocery store and picked up some things and then off to the post office I went. I came home and put things away and did some work on the never-ending job hunt.

I was off to the school in time to meet Kaylen for 10 minutes and then it was off to run my car of 15 miles to get it ready for an emissions test. I have to say I was pretty nervous about passing since I have a known small oil leak that will cost me $2500 to repair (so not happening at this point). I went over to the emissions place and lo and behold - a miracle! My car passed. YES!!! It won't need to pass another one for two years.

From there, I went down to the next driveway and renewed my tabs....well... apparently my number came up and I also had to get new plates. I would say something like "But after 6 years I JUST learned my old plate numbers" but that would be a big fat lie. I still don't know my old plate numbers. And now I have new ones anyway. Not like I will memorize the new ones either. :) My head is already too full of random numbers and letters and passwords. :)

Then it was home again where I did a bunch of on-line reasearch for various things. The biggest was the Washington State Booster Seat laws. Kelton is almost 9 years old but is only 4'6". The law clearly states the requirements are 8 years OR 4'9" which is hard for me to understand. 4'9" is the height when car seatbelts fit properly so why do we not care that our 8, 9, 10, etc year old kids are not safe? I'm so confused. Is it because an 8 year old or 9 year old is embarrassed to be in a backless booster? Tough $#&^%.....better embarrassed than decapitated by an ill-fitting seltbelt. I'm such a mean mom! :)

I talked with Dakota and we agreed that Kelton will stay in his booster. I know he isn't happy but you know, as Dakota once told me when she wouldn't allow us to have a crib bumper because studies show they increase the risk or SIDS, a dead baby (or in this case, child) is no fun at all. So in his booster he will stay.

Like I said - it's been a busy day. Now I should download birthday party photos, make a set for Dakota and post a few for your viewing pleasure. I cannot believe Kaylen will be 6 on Thursday. Wild.

Hope your day is going well.

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Tanya said...

Glad the car passed. I think it's so funny that other states change plates, CA never does. Ryan has a 62 bug and it still has the original plates. :) J is still in a regular car seat, who knows when he'll move to the booster, even though he can legally now. He don;t care either way yet, so that's good.