Thursday, October 02, 2008

Wow. There are no words.

I watched The View yesterday where Elisabeth (a Republican through and through) was asked a direct question about Palin's qualifications. She deflected the question so quickly though not before we all knew what she was doing. She couldn't come up with ONE qualification on the spot. Not one. That I find to be frightening on a basic level considering Elisabeth spoke at the RNC and is always beating the "Palin is the best person for the job." drum. You;d think such a huge, and public, supporter would be able to list off at least one thing that Makes Sarah Palin qualified to be the United States of American Vice President. (I tried to quickly find a YouTube of it but came up empty handed. I'll look more later.) Found it! Here it is.

But this...this that you are about to see if a million times more frightening. Sarah Palin cannot name on U.S. Supreme Court case (well you know, besides Roe v. Wade). I wouldn't be able to name many on the spot either (Brown v. Board of Education is one)...but there is one MAJOR difference between Sarah Palin and myself (ok - there are hundreds probably but this is a biggie...) I am not running for VP. She is. She should know this stuff. Shouldn't she?


Tanya said...

Okay, now I'm just starting to feel sorry for her. Maybe she couldn't answer because her views are SOOOO conservative that she would offend people. What would she gain if she had said "Well I don't really agree with Brown v. Board of Education?"

Casey said...

Tanya: Let;s assume you do feel sorry for her - is someone you feel pity for a good candicate for one of the highest offices in the land? And no, I wouldn't expect her to disagree with Brown v. The Board of Education - that was just the other case *I* personally could even come up. The point wasn't that case - it was the fact that she shoudl have been able to come up with a (maybe recent?) case that she she disagreed with the ruling. Joe Biden came up with one without even flinching.

The point of my post is to say that she, being the person running for one of the highest offices in the land, should know more about politics than she clearly does.

Tanya said...

No, I know. I was being facetious. I don't feel she is anywhere near ready to hold this position. I agree with you 100%.

And I feel sorry for her because I would hate to be in her shoes.

Lynilu said...

I believe people are catching on to what a farce she is, HOWEVER, we can NOT slack off and assume it is a done deal!!

Monogram Queen said...

Hasselbitch needs to beat about the head with a smart stick!