Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Things We Do

Kaylen and I have been busy today and I have to say, she is quite the imaginative girl. I've also made note of the fact that in the four weeks Kelton has been in school, she has gone from completely self-entertaining to demanding attention all day long. I'm not sure exactly what triggered the change in her but I think it comes from missing her brother who, even though they might not have been playing together all day, every day, was a source of comfort. Just having him in the house seems to calm her need to constant interaction. As soon as he walks in the door, she seems to lose her frantic air. It's odd.

But anyway - today we played lots of things. We played carnival which seems to be a new game in the last week. She sets up a table outside and she sells me, and the doll I have been told is my daughter, tickets to ride the rides (slides, swings, wagon, etc) and play carnival games. After I grew tired of having the doll go down the slide I traded places with her and I became "the seller" and she became the mom taking her kid to the carnival.

I even went so far as to set up a ring toss and an obstacle course complete with prizes. We played carnival for about an hour and trust me when I say I was ready to leave the fair by the time I convinced her it was time for an early lunch.

Then it was doll house fun. To be honest, I'm burned out on the doll house but she loves it and she has now taken to being the voice of the mommy and I have to be the voice of the daddy. I love her mommy voice - she gets a squeaky high voice going and it just cracks me up.

From there we moved to "tea party". This was fun though because I get to have a nice conversation with her about her day and other miscellaneous things. I love seeing how my kids minds work.

And then it was back to the doll house.

Finally I broke out the school books and we had school time. We worked the books for about 20 minutes and then she decided we needed to have music class and then carpet time (which of course included more doll house).

And then, blessed be, Between the Lions was on and I was off the hook for 30 minutes. After that, Kelton came home and I was off and running with dinner and whatnot.

What a busy day!


Melanie said...

HATS OFF TO YOU for having the patience and creativity for that long!! For some reason, it is so hard for me to play "pretend". I feel terrible, but I'm so bored by it!!

Monogram Queen said...

Wow y'all were busy! I'm tired just reading/looking at all that!