Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Case of the Tomatoes

Tonight I looked out in the backyard and like many nights recently, I noticed something; tomatoes strewn across the yard. Now being a mom to young children I immediately said "Guys? Who's picking the tomatoes and then tossed them in the yard?" "Not me." "Not me." came the replies which made me immediately think of the Family Circus comic strip of the invisible guy named "Not me".

"Hmmm...." I said because I didn't really have proof and they seemed quite sincere.

And then later...I saw it. I could hardly believe my eyes. The children were right - it wasn't them. It was the dogs and they were working as a team!

Jordan in the tomato plant picking off cherry tomatoes and eating them.

Gobble Gobble.

And then he happened to pick off a regular sized tomato. Having no use for that, because apparently he prefers the small ones, he walked it out to the yard and dropped it.

And along came Maddie to gobble it up.

And she did. Every. Single. Bite.

And I noticed that while I was taking Jordan's picture, Maddie was working her way around the yard eating the ones I had seen from the dinner table. Quite the pair, aren't they? And this also explains the horrible stench coming from them in the evenings which is probably TMI but just the same, if I suffer, so must you. :)

Oh the life I lead. :)


Kristen said...


Tina said...

Oh yes!! We just pulled our tomato plant out cuz the dogs ate, or pulled off all of the ones included!!


Love the pics tho!!

Melanie said...

So they leave NONE for you?? How rude!! ;)

Monogram Queen said...

That is too funny! Sorry!