Saturday, October 25, 2008

Autumn Leaves and Kaylen

I shouldn't be home right now. The kids and I should be at a birthday party (Happy 3rd Birthday, T!! And Jeri - I am so, so sorry we aren't there!) that we all have been looking forward to however late last night it became evident that we would have to miss out on the fun and celebration as Kaylen's "not so bad cold" went from not so bad to miserable. Poor girl.

I honestly didn't predict her feeling this awful though I guess I should have since I know how awful *I* felt earlier this week. And once I downloaded the pictures I took of her yesterday, I can see hints of what was to come. Here are a couple:

There were many, many happy girl photos too so I put together a slideshow. Isn't she adorable? :)

Here are a few of my favorites just in case you don't watch the slideshow. :)

And now it's back to taking care of my little sick girl. Let's hope her cold doesn't stick around long.


Catherine said...

Aw! She is so cute. Love the leaves. Hope she feels better and you can celebrate soon!

Nikki said...

Sorry she doesn't feel well. That is a darling sweater - looks beautiful w/ her red hair.

Sheri said...

I like the last photo of her sliding face first into the leaves--and loving seeing her in BLUE! I hope she feels better soon.

Melanie said...

Well, whether or not she's sick, she's CUTE!! I hope she feels better SOOOOOOON.

Tanya said...

She is so sweet. I hope she's feeling better soon.