Thursday, October 30, 2008

Election Day Glitches?

Ok seriously. Why in the world would counties choose to change their voting machine processes in a presidential election year? WTF people. So the first "trial run" of the new voting process, which is bound to need fine tuning, is scheduled when the biggest election in four years is scheduled to take place. It makes NO SENSE!!! Try out your new machines and fancy technology during local-only elections. Not national elections. For crying out loud. This isn't rocket science people - it's common sense!!!!

Voting Machines Could Bring Election Day Glitches

And some 9 million voters, including many in the battleground states of Ohio and Florida, will use equipment that has changed since March, increasing concerns about errors next Tuesday.

"You can be almost certain that there will be irregularities in some places around the country," said Rep. Rush Holt, D-New Jersey. "The problem now is that roughly a third of voters nationwide will use unverifiable electronic machines. So if there are uncertainties, there will be no way to resolve them."

So let me see if I have this right...they *know* there will be problems but they have no back-up plan in place? Lovely.

Oh that's ok people - it's not like this is one of the most important elections EVER. Take your time. Better yet - make sure that there are problems by not doing "trial runs" before a national election. This only affects ...oh...the entire COUNTRY! (did you hear the sarcasm dripping from the words?)

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Tanya said...

Umm, isn't that how W won?!?