Sunday, October 05, 2008

Becky Homecky

I know - I surprise myself too. Look what I made for the kids. Well - they told me where they wanted each and every piece but other than not having "creative license" I made them. :)

A close up of Kelton's shirt.

Kaylen's cupcake shirt.

Kelton woke up and immediately ran in to put on his shirt so he was wearing it when I stumbled out of bed at 6am. That accounts for the disheveled little boy look. :)

They love their shirts so much. Next up is making the one Dakota wants. It will be the same basic design as Kelton's on an orange shirt. Fun!


fern said...

You ARE Becky Homecky! Were they iron on decals, or what?

Audra said...

that's so cool! where'd you get the stuff for them?

Kristen said...

oh, I want to make those for all 3 of us! How fun.

Tina said...

Those are awesome! Great job Casey. You could probably sell those for some $$.

Casey said...

Fern: Iron ons all the way, baby!

Audra: At the local craft store.

Kristen: It is fun. :)

Tina: Doubt it - anyone can make them. All you need is an iron. :)

Melanie said...

LOVE THEM!! (and the kids are pretty cute too)

Melanie said...

Oh, AND I'm laughing at the "Becky Homecky" phrase. Huh?? Maybe I'm too YOUNG to know that one - hee hee!! (slap me now)

Monogram Queen said...

Very cute! Once in awhile i'll get brave.... but not in a very long time. I used to do t-shirts & sweatshirts all the time before and when I first got married.

You did a GREAT job Casey!