Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Colds, Shoes, PTO and Slideshows

First order of business: I still have this miserable cold. I promise you I haven't had a cold hit me this hard since Kelton was an infant. Why do I know that for sure? Because when you are hit this hard by a cold you tend to remember it. I remember feeling incredibly wiped out while caring for an infant. I remember sitting on the living room floor counting the minutes until Dakota would walk in the door so I could curl up in a corner and whimper. I've had countless colds in the 6 years since then but none do I remember. Until this one. It's icky. And I'm tired of it. Dakota has it too and I know she feels the exact same way. Blah.

Second order of business: Shoes. I am still dreaming of a great pair of shoes that not only look great (and grown up) but that are super comfortable (and dare I add "affordable" to my wish list?). Someone told me about Beautifeel. I plan to look into it more when I feel better.

Third: PTO. Somehow, even though I know for certain that I did not volunteer for it, I have been placed on the budget committee. So not what I want to do though I have been promised it will be a "one meeting" deal to draw up the projected budget. We'll see. I'm not looking forward to it. I also spent a good deal of time today working on another project for the PTO. I created a document and then went out to the copy place to make 500 copies. Only - the machine broke down about half way through. I left it with them and they will have it ready in the morning for me. And oh right - the color copies that the PTO wanted are not in the copy card that the PTO has soooo...that will be $50.00 plus tax when I pick up the project. Niiiiiiiice. Sure, I can get reimbursed (I am, after all, on the budget committee, right?) but parting with the money upfront isn't what I had planned. *sigh*

Fourth up is the slideshow I am trying to put together of my "BFF weekend". I have the photos mostly loaded onto the website but I still have more to go through to make sure I capture the feel of the time together. And then I have to find songs. Do you have any ideas for me? Theme: friends, beach, fall.....something. Anything spring to mind?

I guess that's about it from this super congested head. Hopefully tomorrow I will wake to a more human feeling because honestly? It's been a week now and I'm ready to be done.



Sheri said...

Sorry about the cold--bummer. My current favorite remedy is Chai Tea! (no joke ... it worked for me ... the herbs in it are supposed to be cure-alls for bronchitis ... so says my google search). Anyhow, would any of these songs work:
"You've Got a Friend" (James Taylor)
"Catch a Wave" (Beach Boys)
"I'll Be There for You" (The Rembrandts, theme song from Friends)???
Hope you & Dakota are feeling better soon! :-)

Willow39 said...

Great song choices Sheri! Jeri

Stacey said...

ugh, hope you feel much better!!!

Dakota said...

Don't forget the super-cool slideshow that you want to make of the weekend that the kids and I had while you were on your BFF weekend. :)

We would like some fun, bouncy music to go along with our zoo fun! (Too bad I didn't take pictures of the nature-painting fun....maybe you could scan the cards in....This would sound like a good idea if you were not feeling crappy!)

Love you, Honey.
Feel better!

Monogram Queen said...

Hope you feel better and you did a great job with the BFF photo slide show!