Thursday, October 23, 2008

Too Good To Leave Alone

You just knew I wouldn't be able to leave this one alone, right? I mean come on! $150,000 for a new wardrobe? The TLC Show "What Not To Wear" can completely re-dress people for $5,000 which I have to say is a lot of money. But $150,000??? In THIS economy?

True, she couldn't exactly dress like this on the campaign trail...or could she? What better way to speak to middle America and to relay that their struggles are her own? How many of us have clothes that we shouldn't have in our closets?

I know - picking apart her wardrobe is a bit shallow and probably has nothing to do with politics.....or does it? Actually it has a lot to do with politics. A lot.

The Final Undoing of Sarah Palin is a good read. Check it out.


Lynilu said...

Washington personal spending in every area is ridiculous. Clothing, travel, food, entertainment, spas, you name it.

amy4 said...

Very interesting read... $150,000 for a new wardrobe is absolutely ridiculous! I am proud to say that I filled out my ballot today and voted for Obama/Biden. :) Also, I enjoyed the slideshow from your beach weekend - it looks like you ladies had a blast!!

Nikki said...

I get sick to my stomach thinking about spending this much money on ANYONE'S wardrobe. What are these clothes made out of that they could cost so much, besides a label? And then you're just dressing to impress. I'm about substance, not designers digs.

Mimi said...

Now Casey, you know you spend that much money on clothes....I know I dress that alway say if I had money I would have this type of care I don't think I have have thought about what kind of

Monogram Queen said...

Alls fair in love, war AND politics!