Thursday, February 01, 2007

From The Mouth of a Babe

"Tuffy Mama? Nose?"
"Yes baby, mommy's nose is stuffy. I have a cold."
"Yep, I ned to blow my nose."
"Me get!" (and off she runs to the bathroom to get a tissue)
"Here Mama, Blow." (she says and she holds the tissue out for me)
"Thank you, honey."
"No tuffy?" Mama? No tuffy?"
"No honey, I'm not stuffy now. Thank you."
"Away. Away Mama." (she says pointing to the tissue)
"Yes honey, I'll throw it away."
"Germs. Away. No sick me."

Is she smart or what? :)


LawSchool Mama said...

She is brilliant - and so adorable!

Casey said...

LSM: Yes she is. Wonder where she gets it from? :)

Mystic said...

Haa haa aww that´s such a cute conversation!! :)


Jen said...

She must have watched my coughing video! lol

Casey said...

Mystic: I have to say, conversations with the toddler sets crack me up. They are such smart little cookies and they way theu verbalize things is so much fun.

Jen: Maybe she did. I'll have to watch her internet access more closely. :)

seasonalkat said...

Awwww!!! What a cute interaction! That girl is a genius! :)

Hope you are not 'tuffy' anymore!