Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Weekend

On a more positive note than the last post.....I had a really great weekend. It was Dakota's weekend with the kids (and a long one since it was Presidents Day Weekend) which left me time to have time to be me....to have fun and to enjoy things I don't usually get to enjoy. For instance; a dinner uninterrupted by bathroom trips and manner corrections not to mention a nice strong alcoholic beverage (or two) of my choice and sitting in the bar just because I could.

Topics of conversations overheard while sitting in the bar? So, so many. I have to admit that I enjoy people watching and eavesdropping into their conversation. It was especially fun to watch a guy who had come in for food to go and was having a drink while he waited. He ended up sitting next to a woman who was clearly in crisis over the path her life was taking. After a while you could see the "What the hell?!?" look in the poor guys eyes but I have to give him credit, he sat there far longer than I probably would have - and he even tried to give her advice. :)

There was a very young couple who had stopped in for dinner on their way to what I can only assume was a Valentine's Day dance.

I overheard conversations about acne, the economy and a bunch of other stuff. I guess that's another advantage to being out without the kids....I can actually eavesdrop effectively. Fun times! :)

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I wanna have fun.