Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Mid-week. Thank goodness.

Sometimes it strikes me that I wish my life away in large increments which bugs me because soon enough, the kids will be grown and I will be older (yeah yeah - keep it to yourself) however I also think it's human nature to be waiting and wishing time away (I wish it was bedtime for the kids. I wish it was spring. I wish we could fast forward...). But - be that as it may. It's nice that it is mid-week because it means the weekend is almost here.

Of course, that also means the Book Fair is almost here. It starts Monday and while I know it will be fun (it was a ton of fun last year) it will also be a lot of stress, a whole lot of work and running around and, now that Kaylen is 5 and doesn't enjoy just hanging out when I have to be at the school, hard with Kaylen. I'm also a bit on edge about all that needs to be done...not to mention Classified Staff Week is the next week and we still need to pull a rabbit out of our hats for that one.

More volunteers would be nice but sadly, the school just doesn't have the level of parental involvement that we would like to see. My friend, Jeri, who doesn't have kids in our school, is once again volunteering to fill in gaps for us. (Thank you, Jeri! You rock!)

I'm sure it will go fine and whatever doesn't get done, doesn't get done. To be honest, the books will be there, the kids will buy them and that, in all actuality, is the whole point of the event. Raffles? That is just icing. And I'm ok not breaking last years record. We really killed oursslves last year but this year? Neither my heart, nor Ingrid's, has been in the game.

The one thing I'm really not looking forward to? School starts an hour earlier this year which means I have to be at the school and ready to go by 7:30. With both kids.

We set up Friday afternoon and I know I will feel tons better once it's set up and the stress of waiting to do it is over.

Then the weekend. It's my weekend "off" and I am really looking forward to it. You know, if you had asked me back in November how I would feel about weekends away from my kids you would have heard me say I didn't think I could do it - I absolutely didn't want to do it. I'd never been away from my kids except for the rare night here and there (with Kaylen that equaled two nights in her entire life). You know what's funny? I love it! I love my kids so very much but time away is really, really great. Who knew? (yes, I know. Most of you. You all told me it would be good - even better than good and you were right. I'm ok admitting when I am wrong so here you go: I was wrong!") I look forward to my time when I'm not doing it all.

Hmmm...what else do I have? I had an interview last night. It was umm....interesting. If you are on Facebook you already read all about it. My brother gave me some grounding about it really not sounding like a good fit. I feel weird about the possibility of turning down a job offer in this day and age but he is right - if in my gut I know I wouldn't be happy there then that's the answer. And if one person wants to hire me, there will definitely be others. There are a ton of red flags for me on this one (not to say it has been or will be offered). Oh - and no benefits is a tough one. I am a grown up with kids. I need health insurance. The kids we can add to Dakota's insurance since she is their legal parent but I still need insurance. Time will tell.

Looks like it's time for another cup of coffee so I will end here and let you get on with your lives. Have a great day!


Audra said...

That interviewer sounded like a real winner!

Tanya said...

How funny that you want to fast forward, I often want to rewind. I want a do over. No such luck, such is life. And I would LOVE a free weekend. Never going to happen. And you can always take a job till you find another job if need be.

Stacey said...

ugh i'm out the door by 7 am with both kids and it sucks. good luck.

sorry about the interviewer but there will be others--consider it practice.

Mary-Pat said...

I've been thinking about that "wishing time away" thing, too. My latest thought is that time doesn't actually go faster if I wish it to, so I don't need to add beating myself up for the wishes to the fact that I'm wishing it in the first place! But I know that not too long from now, I'm going to be wishing for Aaliyah's childhood back!