Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Jobs - OH MY!

Ah life. It can be crazy sometimes. As it turns out, I didn't get the job for which I interviewed but I'm trying to look at it as "glass half full" and all that jazz. It was a commute - which would have gotten old but at the same time, it was a job which would have been great. All I can really do is keep moving forward and keep applying for jobs as I have been doing. This is a really sucky time to be looking for work - which I am only all too aware of. I have to keep believing that something will work out. Life has a way of doing that and I'm trying really hard to keep focused on that.

Maybe there is a position open at a dermatologists office or some other medical office. I guess maybe I should brush up on my knowledge of the treatment of eczema just in case.

Seriously though - I would love to find something in the school district or at Kaiser. You would think my years at Group Health in Seattle would give me an advantage for getting hired at Kaiser but darn it - it's all about finding the open position for which to apply.

Finding a job. Yep - it's full force in front of me and I know how much as at stake which does cause the panic to rise far more often then I would like.


Stacey said...

sorry you didn't get the job but you're right--look at it positively. there might be something much better out there for you.

Dakota said...

You and me both. We are in the same boat. We have to remain positively focussed on the desired goal. Don't let anything else in but the picture of success. We will both land awesome jobs! I have faith in you.

Jen said...

Good economy or bad, it only takes *one* right job offer. You have a ton to offer. Hang in there!!!