Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It's early on Tuesday morning though not as early as it has been on some of the days I've posted. I've been awake since 4 but I stayed under the covers and let my thoughts roam until the dogs started to stir. I had moved into Kaylen's room around 11:30 last night since she summoned called me in and I had every intention of just settling her back in and then returning to my bed but alas, I fell to sleep. The next thing I know, Maddie is curled tightly against me and Kaylen is sideways using me as a pillow and her pillow as a blanket.

Oh yeah - a totally comfortable way to sleep. Or not. :)

Yesterday was a good day. A really good day for me which was a nice change of pace. I kept busy in the morning with a project and then spent the afternoon catching up on everything the needed to be done. Weekdays are definitely easier to navigate than weekends alone with the kids. Those are long days but I've always thought that - Saturdays when Dakota would be studying all day were very long days. There is something about the weekends that scream "everyone else is with their family doing things and you are not." which is weird since the kids and I are my new family unit. I guess mentally I haven't made that particular switch. It almost feels like isolation for the weekend. Even Facebook is very, very quiet on the weekends. Blogs aren't often updated. It's just so different from the week.

The kids are doing ok. Kaylen is a strange little duck. At night she whimpers and cries for Dakota and talks of how much she misses her but during the day she will barely talk with her on the phone. I know she misses her bedtime cuddle time - and probably that is when she misses her the most because she never really saw Dakota during the day.

Kelton appears to be ok but it's hard to get a read on him. He is extra needy and wants to be snuggled a lot. He also is constantly telling me how much he loves me (which I love but I don't like knowing it's because he needs to be reassured that I love him, too over and over).

They are both very excited that it's Dakota's night with them. I don't have much to do to stay out of the way this week but I figure I will save the errands I need to run today and take care of them tonight just to get out of the house for a while. Next week will be easier as I'll have somewhere to go on Tuesday and Thursday.

Here's hoping for another good day!

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