Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I am so tired. Way tired. I have been staying up too late at night and getting be honest...later than I should which means I'm running around like a crazy person trying to get everything done and Kelton off to school. You think I would learn but oh no. There apparently is no learning here. :)

Today I'm working on about 4 hours sleep which isn't awesome. I should be more than used to this but apparently staying up late and getting up late has a different impact on me than getting up at 3 or 4 or 5 in the morning. I want so much to snag a nap but that isn't in the future. I went over to the school to deliver the Administrative Professional gifts to the two amazing people who run the school office. That was a lot of fun. And then I stopped by Kelton's room to grab another set of directions to the parade for tomorrow. I thought it might be nice to give one to Dakota since she is planning to meet us there (which is great - since I got roped into helping with the students at the parade so now she and Kaylen can hang out together and watch the parade).

Then I stopped in to pick up the PTO mail. It's only been a couple days since the last time I got the mail and WOWSA there was a lot. Most of it junk.....fundraising materials galore, flyers from advertisers, catalogs and, I'm pretty sure, a mailing for blackhead remover. We do get an odd assortment of mail. :)

Soon it was back home to take care of things. I talked with Ingrid for a nice long while as we stratagized for tomorrows Bingo Night at school. We both agreed we will be glad when it's over. It's the last big family event of the year and I can't say I'm sad. We only have the Jog-a-Thon and Field Day left and those will keep us plenty busy in the coming weeks. Then, unbelievably, school will be out for the summer. Wild.

Kaylen decided this morning that she wanted to go use her library card so she talked me into taking her to the library. It was the fastest trip ever. She selected her three books, had me read two right then and there, and we were on our way. I was surprised as I figured she would want to stay and play with all the toys and stuff but nope - that was it. Use her card and go.

In a bit I will pick up Kelton and we will travel over to his specialist appointment and see what the future holds for us in that regard.

Heading back home will be in the height of rush hour traffic which ought to be oh so much fun. *sigh* What was I thinking when I took an afternoon appointment? *sigh*


Sonya said...

How did Kelton's appt go? I'm wondering if you may be dealing with/going through what we've been through with A. If so and you are looking for another experience I would be happy to share.

Casey said...

Thanks for asking. His appt actually didn't go bad. He is status quo for another 3 months as we try to increase his fiber and water and then begin to taper off the meds. If he does well with the fiber and water, great but if not, we're stuck with the meds until he does comply and get enough. If things worsen, we will meet with a surgeon OR if they stay the same and do not resolve in the next year or so then we will meet with the surgeon.

So - for now it's status quo. Step by step and all. *sigh*