Saturday, April 24, 2010


I had a list a mile long of things that needed to be done today but with kids there is one thing for certain, rarely does anything go as planned. Kelton had a cough yesterday and by last night I could hear congestion. I held my breath and hopes for the best. Sadly, when he woke this morning he complained of not feeling well. His tummy hurts and he seems to have no energy. He doesn't have a fever so I don't really know what is going on. Maybe ingesting too much mucus? (TMI - sorry)

Being a single parent at times like this sucks. It was ballet day for Kaylen and she was so excited about going. So....I took them both and we went to ballet and then came back home. As for the errands? Those aren't happening today which bites since one of the errands was to get new jeans for Kelton since he has outgrown the ones Dakota bought for him less than 2 months ago. The boy is growing by leaps and bounds lately. (Maybe I need to create some sort of jeans that grow with kids that will take them from one size to another. Maybe I could call them prototype 37c or something.)

So no grocery store, no mall, no having the kids pick out a birthday gift for Dakota. If he isn't better tomorrow I am not sure what I will do. Dakota is out of town for the weekend so I don't even have emergency back up. Oh well...millions of single moms deal with this - I'll survive. Who needs eggs and milk anyway? :)

Life marches on.

I guess the one positive out of this change in plans is I am getting the "do nothing" weekend I've been wanting all week. :)

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Lynilu said...

I remember the first time after the divorce when I faced a similar situation. It isn't fun, for sure, but it will all get done eventually. Give The Boy lots of love and hugs and you'll bot feel better. :)