Friday, April 02, 2010

Silly Rant

My back is killing me. Every nerve in my body is mis-firing right and left and my muscles feel like they are in constant spasms. To say it isn't enjoyable is putting it mildly. It is what it is though - the joys of living with Syringomyelia. Stress doesn't help all that much but I have bad times with it regardless. That's just life.

It's also one of the reasons I will never be able to search for a life insurance online quote thanks to that list of conditions that make a person ineligible for life insurance because someday people with my condition might actually die. I know - shocking, isn't it? You know...unlike everyone else walking around the planet. *insert eye roll here*

Eh. That's ok. Why would I need life insurance to take care of my kids if I were to die? I'm sure by then my savings account will be brimming with extra money for them.

Wow, Case. Bitter much? :) Yes actually - the whole life insurance game kinda makes me cranky. For those of you who can get it - do. There are lots of us out here who wish we could. I'm just saying.

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