Friday, April 09, 2010

Ballet Class for the Girl

I was talking with my friend, Ingrid, this morning and found out about a ballet class on Saturday mornings at the school. So, after talking with Dakota, I registered Kaylen for ballet and then we realized that she didn't have ballet shoes that fit anymore. Kaylen and I headed out to Target to look for soft shoes (she can't tolerate the regular ballet shoes) which of course lead to "Mom! That is the most beautiful ballet outfit in the world!". I ended up buying tights, the outfit and ballet shoes for her only to get home and have her completely meltdown over the seam in the tights (as I knew she would and which she swore to me she would not) and then that the shoes where too small and tight. So.......after she calmed down enough to actually talk with me about her "sensors" not liking them (I think it's funny that she identifies her issue that way), we got back in the car and drove back to Target to get the bigger size shoes. Only....she decided those might be too big and maybe the smaller ones were better. *rolling my eyes*

I kept the smaller pair and bought the bigger ones because I know how this will go later today and tomorrow. Her darn sensory issues are so frustrating sometimes. For both her and me. I can't imagine what it must be like to live inside her when this stuff gets to her but I do know what it's like to live *with* her when it happens. It's exhausting.

But....class starts tomorrow for her. I promised Kaylen I would go with them (it's Dakota's weekend) because she doesn't want to go without me. I know she will be fine once she gets there and she immediately relaxed when she heard it was at Kelton's school. Still - she gets so worked up sometimes. She wants to do it but she is scared. Poor girl. It must be hard to want something so much and be so scared at the same time.

She is happy though...she's been asking every few minutes how many more hours until her class. It's nice that she is getting the opportunity to do this again - she has been talking about wanting to take another ballet class for a very long time.


Audra said...

Poor Kaylen! I had a LOT of sensory issues as a kid as far as clothing went. I had to have a certain type of socks, certain type of shoes, and certain pants. I also worried a lot as a kid, I remember being attached to my mom- I was very uneasy about new situations. I'm sure she'll look like a doll for ballet class!

DC Mom said...

Hope the class is fun! Pix please. :)