Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The other night was beautiful (not that you would know it by the amount of rain that has fallen so far this morning) and the kids played in the backyard for a few hours. I caught a couple cute photos of them.

When did he get so big?

Little Movie Star

Isn't she too much? :)

Today is Dakota's birthday and she and her girlfriend are going to pick up the kids and take them out tonight to celebrate. Kaylen is very excited and is already dressed and ready to go - complete with princess dress up make up, nails painted and a flower in her hair. I have a feeling it's going to be a long day for her.

As for me - life is moving forward. Still nothing on the job front and I am trying really hard not to freak out about it. I'm trying to have faith that things happen when they are supposed to and pieces fall into place as they should. Do I know what that means? Nope. Time will tell....it always does.


Mimi said...

Hang in there every thing happens for a reason......right now you can't see it, but in the end you will......wish I lived closer to you when Dakota and her friend I would meet you for a drink......xxxoooox

Anonymous said...

Boy you guys should really be thinking all this introducing the kids to "girlfriends".Didn't you learn how quickly it falls apart? the kids don't need to keep seeing relationships built and destroyed. That is a BASIC thing in issues of children from divorce. I'm just sayin'. I'm sure you will be mad about this and I don't mean this to be nasty but it is serious. You should not be doing this.

Casey said...

You, of course, are entitled to your opinion. It doesn't change what we will do or not do but feel free to feel how you do but don't presume to tell us what we should or should not do.

I'm just sayin'. You don't know anything about anything to do with our family or how we frame things for the kids.

Lynilu said...

The kids are just so cute.

As for the job search, try to stay positive. I know how difficult it is now, but you'll find one when the time is right. It is hard to be on the waiting end, isn't it? Hang in there. :)