Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Morning

This is all that was left out for the Easter Bunny last night. A gift from Kaylen, complete with a card; their Easter baskets and a cup of water with two carrots. know...Santa gets milk and cookies and Kaylen thought it was only right to leave carrots and water for the Easter Bunney. I couldn't argue the logic so I just went with it.

Easter morning.....Kelton started finding eggs immediately and Kaylen was jumping for joy that the bunny liked all that she left for him.

Going through their baskets.

Happy Easter, everyone.


yankeegirl said...

Looks like the kids really had a great time :) Happy Easter to you all !

DC Mom said...

We left out carrots and water too. :) Looks like lots of fun was had. You have beautiful kids. Happy Easter. :)