Monday, April 05, 2010

Monday, April 5th

The kids are happily watching TV so thought I would see if I can at least start a posting. It's been a day. Kelton was so excited to be going back to school that fixed himself breakfast, got dressed without being asked, took care of brushing teeth and doing his hair *and* packed his lunch all by 7am. I'm pretty sure I barely had the creamer in my coffee (though I was showered and dressed) by the time his backpack was at the door and he was asking "How much longer until the bus comes?"

I'm glad he was happy to return to "his routine" as he called it. He was definitely ready for spring break so it's nice to know he was feeling ready to go again after having a week off.

After I saw him off to school, I searched the job boards and applied for five. I have stuff printed out for two others that I need to work on and get faxed in tomorrow. Then Kaylen and I got ready to go get my haircut. Halfway out the door she asked if she can have a haircut too. Never mind that she went in 2 weeks ago but honestly? She looked so shaggy that I agreed. Clearly more off would be good. So we both got our haircut and I have to say, she looks so much better! No more shaggy hair falling into her face. Thank goodness. Mine is better, too.

We stopped by the school to pick up Kaylen's kindergarten registration paperwork. Holy freakin' cow - how can she be old enough to send to school already?!?! While we were there, I took care of some much neglected PTO stuff and said hello to some of my favorite people.

This afternoon brought regular life stuff - and completing all the registration forms for Kaylen. Soon enough, Kelton was home and it was homework and talk about his day. Then I hit upon the idea of going out to dinner. The kids and I haven't been out (except to McDonalds once or twice) in over a month and I really didn't feel like struggling with the "what to have for dinner" stuff. They decided on The Old Spaghetti Factory which suited me fine. It doesn't so much matter - they order mac-n-cheese no matter where we go.

The kids had a good time and I just let them chatter and tell me all about everything they wanted to tell me. It was nice to be able to focus on them and what they wanted to say instead of dealing with dinner prep and clean up. Well worth the $25.00.

Now we're home and they are watching TV and it will soon be bedtime. Tomorrow is another day.


Deb said...

You know what? That sounded like a perfect day! I hope you have many more of them. (OT: What does it mean when my word verification word is "hagmate?" Am I a hag waiting for a mate, or the future mate of a hag? hmmm.)

yankeegirl said...

Sounds like a great day- very productive and you got to relax with the kids :)