Friday, April 23, 2010

Childrens Cultural Parade

Today was The Children's Cultural Parade for all 3rd graders in the city's two school districts and because Kelton is in a split 2/3 class, he participated as well. I was planning to only be a spectator for the event but a couple days ago I received a call asking for assistance. Because I had Kaylen, I couldn't ride the bus so we went to the school and followed the buses to the location.

It was a long wait for the kids as we waited for all the groups to arrive but thankfully there were some ROTC there to help entertain. Each group had its own ROTC assigned and they did cheers and whatnot to keep the kids from losing their minds. As a parent volunteer helping to oversee 75 kids, this was AWESOME! :)

I took some photos - as you will see, the quality of the first two bite but then I went in and changed the settings and low and behold - magic! :) Go figure.

It was a fun time and right now, all the students are back at school enjoying a feast of food that the students brought in to reflect their culture. Kelton and I made Irish Soda Bread and I have to say - I'm a bit nervous. I hope it doesn't suck. :)

Waiting in lines. The kids all made posters to reflect their culture.

There's Kelton!

Oh look! Such better photo quality. I should have thought about settings a long time ago. *sigh*

Fort Vancouver. In the distance you can see the Interstate Bridge which spans the Columbia River and links Washington to Oregon.

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Tanya said...

Aww, ya should have made beer bread. ;)