Friday, June 01, 2012


I'm tired.  As in dog tired.  Bone tired.  Exhausted.

Since it was the first of the month, I had a full day's (plus I'm guessing a good two more day worth) work to get done in a mere 4 hours (which is what I am able to put in after getting kids off to school, driving to the office, working, and driving home again to be here when the bus arrives).  Statements and invoices had to be printed, coordinated, stacked, attached, folded, stuffed, envelopes licked, stamps attached, and mailed.

There are things to research, to track down, and to file.  No doubt about it - the first three work days of the month are by far the busiest.  I'm not even sure where the hours went today - they flew.

Fifteen minutes before I had to leave, I grabbed lunch.  Subway.....which happens to be near the used hot dog carts place (which also sells other know...reduce, recycle, reuse and all that).  I wolfed it down, logged out of my computer, stacked up the work still to be done, grabbed the stack of mail to go out and headed on my way.

Once at home, I was greeted with the work that needs to be done here.  It's never ending, that's for sure.

I guess I don't really need to wonder why I'm so tired these days.  Good thing it's Friday!

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