Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Baby Stuff

In case you haven't figured it out yet, my mind is on a roller coaster ride today.  I warned you of that waaaaay back this morning (though might not know that because you are reading most current back.  Sorry about that.  Or maybe I'm not.  You'll never know.  :) ).  I have jumped from topic to topic to topic and, I'm sure, made precious little sense along the way.  Know what I'm going to talk about in this one? 

I'll wait.

Did you guess?

Nope.  Not that.  Something else.  Nope.  Not that either.

I'm going to talk about a baby bedding boutique because I can.  Seriously.  Check out the link.  That is some cute stuff!  I swear to you, seeing baby stuff ALWAYS makes me want another baby.  But then I remember....sleepless nights, endless crying, tethered to a small human 24/7.  Yeah - no.  I'm happy with my bigger kids.  Though I do, at times, long for the super snuggliness of a newborn. bedding. It's so much fun to pull together a nursery.  With Kelton, I went with the stars and moon theme.  A theme that carries through even today.  I wanted something he could grow with.  He still has the lamp and valance from his babyhood.  And the small shelf on the wall.  With Kaylen, I went with flowers and hearts.  It carried through well, too.

I'm glad I picked themes that would grow with them because even at 7 and 10, I still get to see parts of their nursery in their big kid rooms.  And I love it.

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