Monday, June 04, 2012

Mine Mine Mine

So - after 18 plus years of being a registered car owner with someone, today marks the first day when I am, once again, a registered owner of a vehicle on my own.  The final paperwork has been done and the car loans have been separated and refinanced.  It's a little bit, I would imagine, like getting the divorce degree in the mail and I guess, in a way, that's what it is.

Bittersweet.  An end.  A beginning.  All rolled into one.

Make no mistake, I'm happily moving forward with my life and yet there are still times I think "Huh.  It sucks it didn't work out."  We went into it with all the good intentions people have when they get married and some how, along the way, it all went bad.  Sucks.  But it's life and without the pain of that, I wouldn't have the joy that is in my life today.'s nice to know that I can sell my car without needing someone else's approval and sign off.  Or heck, even get one of those title loans nyc things (but I'm not going to because I'm steering clear of debt).  It's nice to see just my name on the registration.  Mine. Mine. Mine.  All mine.

All steps that lead down a different path.  A new direction.  A new life.

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