Wednesday, June 06, 2012


I'm not a biker.  Not motorcycles and not two wheelers.  I had a bike accident when I was nine and it caused some major trauma - inside and out.  Ever since then, I was lukewarm on bikes.  By the time I got my yellow 10-speed, I knew I was done with bikes.  Remember the 10-speeds that had the curled handlebars?  yeah - it was just too much for my fear and I gave up bike riding.

My kids though - they ride and I'm happy to see it.  Kaylen, especially, loves her bike.  Kelton keeps saying he wants to get rid of his but I want him to keep it.  Riding is a skill he only recently accomplished and I want it to grow before he gives it up.  I think he needs a bigger bike though.  They both do.  Darn those kids for growing.  :)

I'm sure if they get new bikes, they will probably want to get a kuat bike rack to attach to the back of the car so I can take them to parks and riding trails.  I'm very sure mounting a bike rack to my car isn't going to happen but they can dream.  :)

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