Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Fedora, Anyone?

Ok - what's the deal with Fedora Hats ?  Do people wear them as a course of action?  Or are they mostly so you can look cool - like a gansta'?  (and yeah - I said it that way. )  I bet Kelton would love one.  Oh wait - I think he has two that are very similar in style.  Maybe that's what they are.

Come to think of it, I've seen a couple other kids at his school wearing hats like this.

Must be some cool new trend. 

Personally, I look like a dolt in a hat.  I don't have the head for them.  I wish I did.  I try but hats just never look good on my noggin.  Kaylen, though, she can wear hats like a pro.  She looks amazing in them.  Kelton looks good in his, too.

I think I might be a wee bit jealous.  :)

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