Wednesday, June 06, 2012


I decided to go to the grocery store after I got my hair cut.  I don't know why but I felt the need to stock up on "stuff"....or maybe it was more "head to a familiar place and just be there".  Whatever the reason, I picked up groceries which is always a good thing when the cupboards are looking bare.

There weren't a ton of people there, which is always nice.  As I wandered in and out the empty aisles (and noticed that hard alcohol is now for sale in the grocery store.  UGH!  Sorry folks - I didn't vote for that one.  I'm sure it's easies for lots of you but I don't like it.  I preferred people needing to go to the state run liquor stores to buy stuff.) I let my mind travel where it wanted.  Apparently, my feet followed suit as I found myself in the baby gear section.  All the highchairs, cribs, car seats, bouncy chairs.  So much has changed since I needed baby gear.  Now they have fancy things like the city versa stroller and equipment that comes in pinks and blues instead of black.

Quite a different world already.  And my babies are only 10 and 7.  Things change quickly, don't they?

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