Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Guitars and whatnot

I used to play the guitar.  Well - kinda play it.  I could knock out camp songs and little ditties.  It's not like I jammed or anything (though I know some Camp Fire people who would say we *did* jam back in the day.  Hee hee)

I gave away my guitar when I moved to Vancouver.  Being a new mom and overwhelmed with life, I just couldn't see myself ever having the time or desire to play it again.  I wish I hadn't given it away.  It wasn't a
goodwood brand or anything - it was an Epi which was good enough.

I remember the day I got it.  My mom and I went to the music store in "downtown Ballard" which was the community in which I lived.  My mom had finally said I could get my own full-sized guitar (I'd had a 3/4 size one up until that time) and I was soooo excited.

I saw it on the wall and fall in love with it.  It was a light wood.  The steel string were too tight for my fingers to manage but I wanted it so much I could almost taste it.  I should have gotten a nylon string but I didn't.  I went for the steel string one.

It was hard to play but I played it for years and years and years.

I wonder where that piece of wood ended up.  I hope it made some happy memories for someone else.

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