Wednesday, June 06, 2012

A post that says a lot but says nothing

Something has happened that I am not yet ready to post publicly.  I will....soon.  Just not yet.

And's nothing about Stephanie and me.  That part is solid and good and, right now, holding me together. 

(It's also nothing about Dakota.  Or Vicki.  Or the kids.  Or anything like that. )

As I find I do when bad things happen, my mind races to the ocean shore.  A place where I feel safe - where the violence of the crashing waves, and the smell of sea salt in the air, calms me.  I wish I were there right now.  I wish I was there last night when the call came in.

I wish a million things.  Things I cannot change.  Things that just are - whether I want it or not.

Life happens.  And yet - this morning the sun came up in the sky, the birds sang, the children needed to be fed, taken to school and hugged.  It's weird how something so huge can happen and, for the most part, the world just keeps moving forward.

Forward we go. Step by step.  Into a new world yet again.

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