Monday, June 04, 2012

Gearing Up For a Garage Sale

Have I mentioned that I am in the process of clearing things out and getting ready for a garage sale?  The scale of which kind of scares me.  :)  We have two houses to clear out and since my house has been regularly decluttered a few times each and every year, most of the stuff is coming from Stephanie's house.  Or, specifically, her garage.

I foresee a LOT of work ahead as I go through all the bags I have already brought here and sort everything into categories and price everything.  Did I say a lot of work?  Yep - I meant it.  I'm kinda not looking forward to it.  It's necessary, but daunting.

Tonight, the kids, on their own, started going through their DVD's and videos to bag up the ones they are done with.  It was a respectable stack they ended up pricing and bagging.  And bonus!  They really are figuring out this fair pricing thing for a garage sale.  I didn't once have to say "Kelton.  Really?  $20 for your old headless Happy Meal toy?"  :)

After we completed the project they started, I wandered over to the cabinet full of photos and started sorting through and organizing.  I came upon photos that were taken at my baby shower - I was all pregnant and glowing.  I don't often toot my own horn but I looked so amazing when I was pregnant.  I loved every single minute of having those babies inside me.  I wasn't wearing maternity dresses (because if you know me at all, you know it's a cold day when I put on a dress) but I sure enjoyed remembering back to the maternity shirts and jeans I wore.  (But the gold wire rim round glasses?  I've done better than those, believe me.  Ugh!  Looking back I don't know why I liked them so much.  But I did.)

Pictures are amazing.  They can transport you right back in time.  The people.  The feelings I was feeling.  The excitement of expecting a new baby.  There are tons of emotions in photographs.  And I am very grateful for them and I know that one day, some day, the kids will be grateful so much of their younger years was documented.

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