Monday, May 21, 2012


After fifteen amazingly beautiful days, the rain returned on Sunday.  I have to admit, as much as I love the sunny, warm days, I do enjoy the rain.  Which is good - you know, since I live in the Pacific Northwest and all.  :)

We had a slow start to our morning but thanks to little Miss Motivation (who was fever free and feeling much better than the day before) Stephanie, Kaylen and I were hard at work by 9:30am.  Where was Kelton, you ask?  Curled up on the couch playing a computer game.....of course.  :)

Anyway - the three of us got to work sorting through boxes separating their contents into garbage, garage sale and keep piles.  Oh yes - the massive clearing out of stuff has begun and I am here to tell you that we have a crud load of stuff to sort through between the two houses.  And honestly, sorting through things and paring down is probably the most time consuming of all the projects to be done.

We found tons of well as a small army of carpenter ants who are busy making a mess in the garage rafters. in the country.  All those trees around means you are bound to run into vermin and wood eating insects.  We tracked down their route from outside to inside and sprayed the area but are definitely going to have a company come out and do a complete house-wide job.  Did I mention I live in the Pacific Northwest?  Carpenter ants are just part of the deal.  And did I mention it was the country?  Mice, bunnies, and baby birds learning to fly (but getting snatched up by two dogs only to be rescued by Stephanie and reunited with its mommy and daddy.  The bird, I am happy to report, seemed ok and we watched him fly onto the relative safety of a low branch after being lovingly checked over by its parents.  None the less - it was a bit TOO much country for this not-yet 100% country girl to see.  *shudder*  I know dogs will be dogs but wow.  That was intense!) are also a big part of life.

Anyway.....back to the garage, we found all sorts of things. Nothing as exciting as silver bullion bars (which sure would come in handy!) but I did round up more than $10 in loose change.  Every bit helps and it sure is better than a poke in the eye....or a head slamming into the attic rafter as I pulled stuff down to sort through.  :)

We worked the entire day away and finally stopped around 6pm so we could make the kids dinner (and take a much needed shower!).  When I complained of being tired, Kaylen was quick to point out that SHE did most of the work.  She did do a TON of work but mostly, it was her motivation to keep going that kept us hard at work all day long.  She is a trooper, that's for sure. 

Kelton?  He came out to check things out a couple times, helped a bit but mostly cheered us on from his comfy place on the couch.  The place I surely would have liked to have spent a rainy Sunday as well.  I'm glad someone got to rest....and I'm really glad we got so much accomplished.

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