Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Life...or something like it

I decided that I should write something - anything - tonight.  It's been days since I put pen to paper, or in this case, fingers to keyboard, to do anything other than make To Do lists or a grocery list.  That doesn't make for a very happy Casey. 

So what am I doing right now?  Funny you should ask.  I'm eating the crust of my daughter's frozen cheese pizza that she had for dinner.  Oh heck - let's just say "I'm eating dinner." because, let's face it, that's all I'm having tonight.  Honestly I usually just eat their leftovers (or, more often, eat nothing) and call it dinner.  I don't so much see the point of cooking a meal that I would eat when I know the kids won't.  Judge me all you want - the kids eat kid food (pizza, chicken nuggets, mac-n-cheese, pasta, etc.) and I'm ok with that.  I don't enjoy cooking anyway so more power to the microwavable food that they will eat.

I will cook food for myself but rarely ever *just* for myself.  When Stephanie and I are together at breakfast or dinner times, I will cook for us (or rather, most often, we cook together) but just for myself?  That just isn't happening.  And I am more than ok with that.

Sure, sure...I know most people would rather slam their heads into a wall than go without meals but I am happy to say I have no need for a Nolan N43E helmet because there is no head slamming into walls here. 

Anyhoo.......I bet you are all eager to know what I did today, aren't you?  Well - for starters, I got the children up and ready for school.  Yay me.  Then I had to deal with a melting down child who is suddenly complaining that *ALL* her shoes are too small except for a certain pair, which could not be located...FOR THE SECOND MORNING IN A ROW.  I found them the morning prior tucked into a backpack she had taken to a friend's the afternoon before (crisis averted) but this morning was a bird of a different color.  I could not find those suckers *anywhere*!  I even climbed into the tree house (which I detest.  I don't enjoy heights.  At all.) to see if she left them there when playing yesterday.  We retraced every step she took, and some she didn't take.  She was melting down.  I started to melt down.  The clock had long since struck time to leave.  I finally found them wedged into the far corner of her closet - which of course was a mess - which of course led to me accidentally knocking it off the track.  ARGH!

Mommy meltdown for one.

After saying my piece about how they both have too much stuff and swearing to God above that I will go into their rooms with a big trash bag and throw out everything that doesn't have a place to be......we were finally on our way to school.  I saw them off to their classrooms and took care of the PTO stuff I needed to get done and then I went to Wally World to do some long overdue grocery shopping.  Waaaaaay too much money later, I packed up the car with all I had bought and headed over to Lowe's to return something and pick up something else.  From there I went home and put away groceries (which never seem to be enough considering how much they cost), started the dishwasher, took care of the laundry and called my (former) mother-in-law (she says I am still her daughter-in-law, and always will be, because she didn't divorce me.  Oh how I love that woman!).  We have been trying to get together for the past couple weeks but schedules never seem to work out.  This was true again today.  I had a couple hours before early release whereby I could squeeze in a visit but alas, she did not.  We caught up a bit on the phone and said we will try to work soemthing out again next week (the rest of my week is booked).

I did some cleaning and fixed Kaylen's closet door and then.... I plopped myself down to watch an episode of Judging Amy.  OH YES I DID!  I love Judging Amy and it is on GMC every day at 11 and 12.  I record it daily but I never actually go back to watch it so if I am home, I will make sure to catch at least one of the episodes.  After all these years, it's still one of the best shows around.

Before I knew it, the kiddos were home so I was wrapped up in them until everything settled back down.  Kaylen had a friend come over (she has turned into a social butterfly these past few weeks and is never without a play date after school) so while Kelton played in his room and Kaylen played outside, I got to work in my room cleaning things out.  It's always a good thing to get rid of clothes and items you no longer need and today was no exception.  Four bags of clothing and purses I no longer need are bagged up and waiting a garage sale and I went through a bunch of old keepsake boxes and trashed 95% of the contents.  Moving forward, and all that.

Then, I cleaned a cabinet in the kitchen because the state of the contents had been driving me crazy.  Leftover containers seem to take on a life of their own.  I matched up lids with containers and tossed out everything that didn't have a match.

By then I was running out of steam so I had a cup of coffee (left over from this morning) and played a few games of Scramble...which I have become addicted to.  I never seem to win but it's fun just the same.  I find I move through the games as I tire of them.  Words with Friends turned to DrawSomething and now I'm hooked on Scramble.  Gotta wonder what's next.  Or maybe I shouldn't wonder.  :)

And now I am wondering what to do with the next few hours.  I have a book I am wanting to read ('s not 50 Shades of Gray.  It's a parenting book based on the Love and Logic theory) but wanting to read and sitting down to read are two entirely different animals.  My eye sight (because of the syringomyelia) makes reading challenging during the best of times so at night it is especially difficult.  My sight is fine for *seeing*, it's just reading print that is hard.

Kaylen is in the yard wandering around and playing on the swing set  - coming in every few minutes to share something about her day, or her life, with me.  Kelton is watching TV (for the first time all day).  It's a quiet evening - my favorite kind.  No kid arguing.  Just quiet.  Gotta love that.

Maybe I'll go sit on the patio and think about life.  There is so much to think about these days.

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