Thursday, May 17, 2012

Slow Down - Hurry Up

My life is a crazy contradiction right now.  One side of my life is urging....screaming....DEADLINES!  GET MOVING!  GET IT DONE!  WHY ISN'T IT DONE YET?  LOOK AT ALL THIS THAT MUST BE ACCOMPLISHED NOW!  The other side is kicked back, relaxed and saying "No worries.  It will get done.  Everything in its own time.  No rush - we have time."

I'm feeling off kilter and honestly, exhausted from trying to balance it all - the needs, the wants.  What I really want to do is install one of those fancy indoor outdoor ceiling fans on the porch and just sit back in a comfy chair with a cold glass of lemonade and just "be".  Maybe the voices in my head (and the voices coming from all directions outside my head) would slow down, maybe stop, for just a while.

But there is too much to do.  Too much that must be attended to.

And so I put the dream of a cold lemonade on hold and get ready to go to an all school field trip tomorrow.   Because, you know, what's not relaxing about 530 children at Dozer Days?

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