Thursday, May 24, 2012

The One Where She Says GoodBye

Today was the official beginning of the end.  About 20 minutes ago I handed off 98% my PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) duties to the Vice President.  Within the next couple hours, I will be removed from the bank accounts and then all that is left is answering emails and questions as the board begins preparing for the new school year.

If I wasn't so excited about the direction my life is heading, this could very well be one of those times that requires airbrush makeup to make me look as if I haven't been crying my eyes out.  Seriously, Crestline and the PTO have been part of my every day for the past five years.  I started out volunteering in Kelton's kindergarten room and the next year jumped, with both feet, into the PTO.

It's been a great experience.  I have learned so much, made amazing friends along the way and was able to use so many of my skill-set which kept me from losing my mommy-muddled brain.  It kept my people-skills limber and kept me prepared to jump back into the "real world" after being out of it for so long.  I am more relaxed in the work I do now because the PTO and the school gave me the ability to do projects without feeling like it HAD to be perfect (something I struggled with in jobs before the kids.  I kept myself to a ridiculously high standard but over the past 10 years, with kids and whatnot, I have learned to relax the standards and you know what?  I enjoy life a whole lot more.  Of course, I guess that could have something to do with the fact that I'm 47 and hitting the "I don't really care what you think about me - I think I'm pretty fantastic." phase in my life.).

I'm sure the finality of it all will hit me down the road but right now, I am excited about the changes and looking forward to my new life.  There is so much to think about, dream about and do that I am still plenty busy.  :)

Good-Bye, PTO.  I have loved every minute of know, except for those minutes when I didn't.  :)

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