Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Blah ....but still a decent day

I'm feeling kinda down and out today.  Not too bad but just enough to feel uncomfortable in my own skin.  I do not like feeling this way.  And especially when I can't pinpoint the reason. I have thoughts about it bouncing around my head but nothing specific I can reach out and grab.

It might be because I am working on 4 hours of sleep and I've reached the point of being too tired to cope.  Why didn't I get more sleep?   I stayed up too late watching TV and texting with Stephanie but by 11:45pm, it was lights out and I quickly fell asleep.  4AM arrived and I had a coughing fit (yep - another cold.  Lovely.  Feels like we have had a cold circulating for the entire winter.) and once I had that under control, I was wide awake. know, until 6:30 when I suddenly was *very* sleepy.  Of course.

Too bad for me - it was time to get the day moving.  I had a cup of coffee in a silent house (which has become a nice part of my routine) and then went to wake the kids.  The kids, I will add, were also up too late though they were both sleeping by 9:30pm.  I got Miss Kaylen up easily enough but Kelton was having no part of it.  I left him sleeping and Kaylen and I hit the shower.  After I was dressed and ready, I woke up Master Kelton.  Not an easy task but he was finally up and stumbling around.

We all ate (and I sucked down another cup of coffee) and were quickly on our way to the school.  I had some PTO business to attend to and it was a teacher appreciation event morning so I stayed and chatted for a bit.

I headed home to wait for Stephanie.  She had a medical appointment that I attended with her and then we grabbed a late breakfast/early lunch.  Since it was early release Wednesday, and the day was waning, we decided to run some errands and then head quickly back to the house to be there for the arrival of the school bus.  The kids and Stephanie spent a few minutes together and then Kaylen was off to a play date with a new friend who lives around the corner and Stephanie headed back to her house.  Kelton settled in with a computer game and I did household chores and then went out and mowed the lawn.

Kelton and I hung out for the afternoon which was really nice.  It's always good to have one on one time with the kids.  It's something I don't often get so I cherish it when I have it.  When it is just one of the them and me, they confide so much in me and ask my opinion and advice. I love it.  It makes losing them as "my babies" easier to take because we have a new relationship that is developing.

A few hours down the road, Kaylen came home and brought her friend with her.  After talking with the grandmother, we arranged for the friend to stay and play here for another half hour.  I love that Kaylen seems to make friends so easily.  I wish Kelton did.  I worry about him - he tends to be a loner while Kaylen thrives in groups of little girls.  Night and day, they are, day and night.

Finally it was just the three of us again and I prepared dinner.  It has since been cleaned up and the kids are irritating each other watching tv in the living room.

It's an early bedtime tonight.  Beside the fact that we all need to catch up on some sleep, Kelton has his final MSP (state mandated test) tomorrow and I want him at his best.

I hope tomorrow finds me feeling more comfortable in my skin.....and I'm hoping like hell this cough will be improved.  I'm so very tired of it and it wrecks havoc on my syringomyelia (and then symptoms thereof). 

Sleep.  I need sleep.  Please let me sleep tonight.

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