Thursday, May 17, 2012

Soccer Mom

I didn't want it to happen.  Believe me. it turns out, I'm going to be the quintessential "soccer mom" minus the stupid mini-van.  (Yes, I know some of you love your mini-vans but I am not a van loving person.  Sorry.)  Kaylen has recently decided that she MUST, simply MUST, play soccer.

Oh joy.  All the things I love *she says, with sarcasm dripping heavily*.  Outside.  Mud.  Dirt.  Standing in the rain. Standing in the cold.  Sports.  Why yes...bring it on.    But while all of those things I *don't* love, there is a little girl who I definitely DO love and for whom I would travel to the ends of the earth...or at least a soccer field.

So soccer it will be.  And after all the day camp registration and fall league registration and figuring out how to get all the gear she needs (I don't know.....does she need uniform name tags?) .....she better LOVE it.  :)  Something tells me she will.

She is my little athlete.  My go-getter.  My "I have to be outside as much as I can, as often as I can" girl.  I've always known this about her.....I called her my TomBoy Princess because there she would be: decked out on her prettiest party dress splashing in a mud puddle.  From the time she could crawl, she would get herself to the sliding glass door that leads to the backyard and pound on it - begging to go outside.  Or she would bring me her shoes and say "SIDE SIDE SIDE!" which I knew meant OUTSIDE OUTSIDE OUTSIDE!

She is still like that.  Outside is where she lives.  Where she wants to be.  She doesn't care if she is out there alone - as long as she is outside.

So soccer.   Wow.

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Mimi said...

yeah my grand daughter just started soccer and she WILL NOT go on the field.....she just sits on the side line and if you make her she