Wednesday, December 01, 2010


or lack thereof.

I'm exhausted these days. I've started taking all the vitamins again in the hopes that they will help. I sleep though probably not nearly enough as I need. I sneak in naps when I just can't function any longer. I take all my prescriptions as prescribed. I try to breathe and just take it moment by moment.

And yet I could use a miracle protein powder to boost my energy. Then maybe the floors would get attended to more frequently and the deeper cleaning would get done. As it is, I do what I need to do to skate by. I will actually Swiffer the dining room table when I can draw pictures in the layer of dust. The laundry and dishes are always caught up and beds are made every day.

But am I jumping up and down with an excess of energy? Hardly. My to do list seems daunting and it is, December 1st. As every mommy knows, this is a busy month. So here's hoping I have the energy to get it all done.


Tanya said...

5hr energy baby! But really if you're not up for that kind of thing you could try a B complex and make sure your iron levels are okay. I have to take double iron daily for Anemia. And you obviously have more energy then me. I don't make the beds or keep up on laundry daily. I'll see your "Christmas stuff" busy and raise you one December kids birthday, lol

Dakota said...

Two words: Green Smoothies. :)

Hang in there. This is a stressful time, even when the stressors are good ones, like fun Holiday things with the kids.