Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Read In Day

Today is Read In and Pajama Day at school and the kids were so excited. They both changed into the jammies they wanted to wear and loaded up their backpacks with books, stuffed friends and blankets. Kelton upped the ante by taking the beanbag chair. :)

They could not wait to get to school!

We arrived and the kids announced to everyone that it is my birthday and then, just for fun, told everyone how old I am. *sigh* I got the kids settled into their rooms and as I was starting to leave, the fire alarm sounded. Yikes. Kaylen's teacher and I looked around and quickly spotted the culprit: a toddler in his mothers arms pulled the alarm as they stood in the doorway to say goodbye to their kindergartner. The mom was horrified. I felt her pain - there but for the grace of God and all. The teacher took the kids outside and I walked over to the office to let them know where the pulled alarm was located. Needless to say, it was a blood pumping way to start the day. :)

I felt bad for all the kids standing in the field wearing nothing but their pajamas. Brrrrrrrrr. I'm sure most of the PJ clad teachers were wishing they were somewhere warm applying tanning lotions instead of shivering. I guess the silver lining is that the rain wasn't pouring down right then.

Oh - and here is something: Kaylen's teacher met me at the door yesterday to let me know that Kaylen had been rubbing her head and when asked, admitted she had a headache. Later, she complained of not being able to read the board from her seat. After asking some questions, the teacher moved her closer and she was able to see well enough. Necia, the teacher, said "I happen to have a 4pm appt Thursday with Dr. S and I can't keep it. I'll call and cancel and you call and grab it.

So - Kaylen is going to the eye doctor to get stronger lenses on Thursday. At least this pair lasted her 2 months instead of just 3 weeks. Poor girl. :(

That's about all from here today. It's bound to be a quiet day. The kids have early release but we have nothing planned other than hanging out and just being home together. And that is ok with me.


Tanya said...

Sounds like a fun and exciting day. It was a birthday alarm :) BTW how is Kaylen doing now with the separation issues?

DC Mom said...

Happy birthday Casey!

Froggymama said...

Hope the eye doc appt. goes well.

I think of you daily. Hope all is well with you and the kiddos. xoxo