Friday, December 03, 2010

Paw Prints

Kaylen has been receiving paw prints at school almost daily. Paw prints are given out at school for positive behavior and once a week there is a drawing to see which student wins a prize. Kaylen will not put her paw prints in for the drawing (she says "I won't win anyway.") and instead brings them home.

When she first started getting them, they were few and far between and to encourage her do things on her own (which is one of the reasons she is getting them - bravery) I set up a special reward: on the day when she gets a paw print, she can sleep in my bed with me.

Well now. This week she has gotten a paw print every single day. Every. Single. Day.

I'm thrilled for her because it means she is really standing up to the challenges she faces every day at school but wow! A munchkin in my bed every night is a lot. Some nights, when she is particularly restless, I will move her back to her bed (which she seems to be ok with). I figure it's either that or I will need to start reaching for the sleeping pills to get some good sleep.

Is it wrong that I hope she doesn't get one today? Yeah, I know it is. Clearly I am going to need to come up with a new reward system. Though between you and me, most times it makes me happy to roll over and see her little sleeping face next to me. :)

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Kristen said...

Since she is doing so well, could you change it so that she needs 2 paw prints to sleep with you, then 3 etc?