Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Couches

The couches in my house had seen better days....by a long shot. I had taken to re-stitching the repairs I had already made over the years of dogs and kids being rough with the furniture. They were gross...and embarrassing and for the past year have, honestly, been taunting me. I have long dreamed of new couches but figured they were out of reach for a long while yet to come.

Then my birthday and Christmas and good friends came along and suddenly, I found myself being the owner of a new couch and love seat. And I love them!

Moving out the old and in the new took some serious strength, which I do not possess thanks to the damage to my spine and the resulting nerve damage. So Marlene and a son of her friend came to the rescue. I don't think they needed to read any testoripped reviews because their strength was pretty impressive. The old nasty couches were moved into the garage until a truck can be obtained to take them to the dump (They are that bad. Too yucky to even think about giving away for free.) and the new couches that make my heart sing, were moved in and set up.

The kids and I are VERY happy and I predict I will be finally spending time in the living room again (something I have avoided for most of the year). Maybe this is a really good step for taking control back in my life. A girl can hope.

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