Saturday, September 03, 2011

Interesting Brain

Yesterday, when I was at recess with Kaylen, a gaggle of girls were hula hooping. Kaylen among them. I was watching when I noticed that the child standing next to Kaylen was hula hooping in a different direction than Kaylen. "Huh." I thought, "She must be left handed."

Then I looked around. All the other girls were also hula hooping "backwards". Huh?

I did a quick survey and asked the girls to raise the hands they write with. Every single one shot their right hand in the air. Including Kaylen.


Kaylen was the *only* one in a group of about 15 hula hooping girls who was hula hooping in a different direction than everyone else.

I know that over the past year I have been asked by different people if Kaylen was left handed because she did this, that or the other thing differently from the other kids. Take, for example, stepping. From standing still to walking, she leads with her left leg. During a random non-scientific survey I took, right handed people seem to lead with their right leg. very strongly right handed daughter seems to have a left handed wired brain.
What does that mean??? Is that why she has a brain bug? Crossed wires affecting the way she processes things? I don't know. I just find it fascination.

Just another way my daughter is marching to her own beat.


Tribe Mama said...

Have her try can provide some interesting insight :)

Tanya said...

Does she cross her midline when playing? Perhaps it could also have to do with her eyesight.