Thursday, September 08, 2011

Time Keeps On Slippin' Slippin' Slippin'....

...into the future.

Oh come on - you know you started singing along. :)

It's true though - time is slipping away faster than I can try to capture it and hold it still.

We had a fantastic long holiday weekend. Stephanie and I had all three kids so, as we do every weekend (kids or not) we spent our time going back and forth between the houses to take care of dogs. We have it down to a nice routine though so it feels pretty seamless. Friday night the kids and I stayed home and enjoyed a pizza and movie night together. We watched Rio, me for the first time and the kids for the second time. It was so much fun! Cute movie but my favorite part was listening to the kids say "Hey Kelton, remember THIS part??" or "! Here is that bird. Remember?!?!!" At the end of the movie, we went into special features and danced to all the songs that they had available. It was a great time!

Saturday the kids and I went out to Stephanie's in the late morning and stayed until late in the evening. The kids play so well together and even though they had been apart all week, they just clicked back into sync with each other. The boys played Wii, Kaylen picked berries and then all three played imagination games in the field. Oh - and at one point all three where in the bed of Stephanie's truck and were begging for her to drive around with them. If you had a truck in your family growing up, I know you know what I'm talking about. I remember (pre-seat belt laws) when my dad would let us ride in the back of his truck. He didn't take us far but it didn't matter - as a kid it felt like SO much wild freedom!

We looked at each other, shrugged and nodded yes, we set the ground rules (Sitting down at all time. Not being on your behind meant it was over. Just like that.) and Stephanie and I jumped into the cab of the truck. She drove, in first gear, all around the field. The laughter, as the bumps in the ground bounced them around, from the back of the truck was contagious! It was so much fun!

It wasn't long before we were back here and settling in for the night.

The next morning flew by and soon we were on our way back to the other house. We spent another fun-filled day there, complete with a last swim in the pool before it comes down for the year. As we were gathering kids and things to come back here that night, we all tried to find Cody, Stephanie's dog. The kids were calling for him and his name bounced around through the air and off the trees. I finally went out to search for him and found him laying right off the back patio (how they didn't see him is beyond me). He wouldn't move more than to lift his head. When he did lift his head, I saw red stuff all over his chin.


I called Stephanie over. She tried to get him moving. Nope. Wasn't having it. She looked at the stuff on his chin, looked and me and said "He must have gotten into something." Crud. She scooped his limp body up and headed for the truck, I went the other way and grabbed her phone, keys and backpack.

She loaded him in the truck and the kids came running out. We told them she was going to take him to the vet because he wasn't acting right and we thought he had gotten into something not good for him because he had something on his chin. Andrew piped up with "That's sauce from my ravioli. I left it on the coffee table and he ate it." He looked down sheepishly because we all know the rule, Cody cannot, at any time, have people food. It makes him very sick. The other rule is never,e ver leave your food or dishes unattended.

Stephanie and I looked at each other with relief. Ok - so no poison. But what was wrong with him? We talked it over and decided, that while it is difficult to have Cody at the house with my cats, we would take him with us to keep an eye on him.

I kid you not.....we were about two miles from my house when the little fluff ball perked up and looked 100% fine! He continued to be fine for the rest of the night. Clearly he was just unhappy at the thought of being alone overnight again. (We worked out a strategy so he never came in contact with the cats (He enjoys chasing them. They do not enjoy it.) and we all survived the 24 hours. )

We arrived back, with Cody in tow, around 7:15pm. The plan was to build a campfire and have s'mores. At 7:30, Kaylen said "I wish we could set up the tent, too." I explained that I didn't want to sleep in the tent and that unless the boys did, we couldn't set it up. I didn't think the boys would want to either but surprise! They did.

I yanked the tent from its place in the garage and unzipped the bag. It hadn't seen the light of day for two years and was quite musty and I was feeling rusty in the department of setting it up. No problem either way though. Stephanie and I had it up in less than 15 minutes and the kids were thrilled!

We loaded in bedding and whatnot and then I built the fire. It was an awesome night! After making s'mores and sitting around the fire talking, the kids drifted off into the tent. Before long, games came out of the house and the three of them played HeadBandz and other games for a while. We sat on the patio and listened to them as they laughed and laughed. :)

Kaylen fell asleep around 11 and the boys were finally settled down just after midnight. We left the slider open to my bedroom so we could hear them and two of the dogs slept in the tent with the kids. The day rocked!

At then end of the weekend, none of us were ready for it be over. We took Andrew, Cody and Stephanie back to their house and we all had dinner together. Before long, the three of us were back in the car and heading home. We talked about what a great weekend it had been and they both bemoaned the fact that it was over and they didn't want it to be. I nodded my head in complete agreement.

A perfect weekend. A perfect ending to summer.

Oh you know....except for this heat wave we have had going all week which makes it hard to believe summer is really over. :)

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